November 2021 Investing Insight

November 2021 Investing Insight deals with risk (again), time (again), the Requirement to be number 1 in the US stock market, and How far human emotion left behind its own achievements.
November’s idea comes to our mind

2021 is about recovery. Not only for the stock market but also for mankind. It is when vaccines get global and humans fight coronavirus back. For years, this is the best and maybe the happiest year for us. To see how people survive against the worst. But we won’t discuss it. November 2021 investing insight is a collection of our brainstorming with regard to market and investing. We make it into one article since it is too short to launch in one long post, but it is too precious to hide.

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Economies of Scale as Durable Competitive Advantage

Economies of Scale could give certain advantages to a company, and it depends on how the company achieves it.
Level of Economies of Scale by How it translates to Company advantage

Being a market leader is not always translated into a durable competitive advantage. This post will talk further about economies of scale as a durable competitive advantage. What is a common mistake regarding the economy of scale as an economic moat? How does economies scale create a layer of protection for business? We are here to answer this moat question.

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