About Us. Turning The Rock

Informational Enhancement. The Deck is in The Detail

Peter Lynch has emphasized the importance of diligence in finding information. In investing, the person that turns over the most rocks wins the game. If you look at ten companies you’ll find one that’s interesting. When you look at twenty, you’ll find two. The time you look at 100, you’ll find ten”. We are here to help you turn those rocks and dig deeper.

Investingdeck try to turn the rock and find value. Deeper we dig, deeper we understand about specific firm..

Analytical Enhancement. You Don’t Need Straight Flush to Win

In his book1, James Montier stated that investors have an obsession with gathering more and more information. They have a belief that doing that means having more advantages than others. Unfortunately, the human brain doesn’t work that way. More information not necessarily leads to greater accuracy. The investor can refer to the study here

In the information age, technology has created data or information which outpace human capacity to interpret or to analyze. As a result, investors are prone to information overload more than ever. This mental trap can effectively distract our focus and weaken our decision making. Regarding this, James Montier once questioned whether investors ever to take time to consider how much information they actually need.

Investingdeck try to present your article in an efficient way. We are here to help the investor by providing information that really matters. Information that has a significant impact on the firm’s profitability. There is a lot of rock’s waiting. Let us help you find which rocks need to deal with.

More information means more signals and noise at the same time. Investingdeck try to deliver the most meaningful data.

Behavioral Enhancement. Playing Your Card

We all know investing wisdom. When we do what others do, our return will be average. According to Warren Buffet, the investor needs to “buy when other fears and sell when other greed”. In reality, buying in the midst of market panic is extremely difficult. The other wisdom isn’t different. Still from Warren Buffett, “If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes”. Ten years sitting and waiting for our investment is not easy at all. It seems that no matter the abundance of investing wisdom we have, we still tend to react to the opposite.

One theory that could explain this cognitive phenomenon is evolutionary theory. From this perspective, the human brain is well designed for survival mode. Thus, it works better for the ecosystem a hundred thousand years ago rather than the information age. We are better at sensing the danger of sabertooth cat’s threat rather than realizing the bubble of the housing market. Investingdeck wants to help investors correct this psychological problem. We’ve turned the rock and found something under it. It’s time to react accordingly.

One of our blog posts reveals what Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway does. The firm generates free cash flow from its subsidiaries to be invested somewhere else. This free cash flow relieves the emotional burden of Warren Buffet. As consequence, The Oracle can stay focus on finding another great company.

Triumvirate of Poker: Informational – Analytical – Behavioral.

Finally, there are lots of good blogs or investing apps out there. However, we know that we live on busy days and our time is priceless. It will be time-consuming to read and digest all that precious content. Therefore, Investingdeck tries to become a part of your integral solution.

Our content will be optimized in order to give the reader analytical and behavioral reinforcement. We are eager to see you compound your wealth as well as your investing skill.

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