Disruptive Stock Analysis of Tesla: A Reality Checklist

Tech stocks are dominating the market for more than a decade. This group – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google – share the same characteristics. They dethroned the incumbent, they defined a new business model, They reshaped the industry. In this article, Disruptive Stock Analysis of Tesla, we try to recognize whether the EV maker could reach the same level as the disruptor group.

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Lemonade as a Disruptive Tech Stock: Insurtech

Analysis about Lemonade as a disruptive tech stock
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July 2020, in the midst of lingering pandemics that restrict physical activity, Lemonade for the first time was listed in the stock market. A year later, the stock price of this insurtech company reached 86.97 per share, almost triple its IPO price. Here we show you why zipping a certain business into apps – once again – doesn’t necessarily lead to financial advantages. We compose Lemonade as a disruptive tech stock analysis to offer better insight for readers about this issue.

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The Economy of Scale Analysis: Physical to Apps

In Moat versus growth investing, companies could be classified into growth categories or moat categories. Investors need to be very careful in this field.
Economy of Scale
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Online-ing physical business doesn’t necessarily translate into financial profit. Teladoc, Uber, Doordash, and even the European counterpart Justeat Takeaway1 still recording losses. Investors may believe once economies of scale are reached – the long-awaited profit will be materialized. Here we perform an economy of scale analysis to get deeper into that issue.

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  1. even when we expand the territory to the Asia Pacific, the result will be the same []