Competitive Advantage of GE Aviation

The competitive Advantage of GE Aviation is at its engineering excellence and great after-sales support
GE Aviation is a hidden gem
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The year 2020 is another story of fail, bleakness, and uncertainty for General Electric. Yet, our task as an investor is to seek the opportunity offered by a mismatch between consensus and reality – between expectation and fact. To exploit that, we think we need to know the competitive advantage of GE Aviation – the largest segment owned by the conglomerates.

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Intangible as a Lasting Competitive Advantage

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How it’s feel hit by something not real or intangible? Ask Samsung. In August 2012, The Jury decide that The Korean Giant has to pay more than $1 billion due to Apple’s patent violation. The jury declared that slide and bounce touch is part of Apple’s innovation property – thus, a company has to pay Apple when using it in their product. This content will discuss intangible as a lasting competitive advantage: including patent, right, and brands.

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Competitive Advantage of Amgen: Expiring Moat

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With aging Americans with their unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, investors see the pharmaceutical company like Amgen has a great trend ahead. Moreover, things like recession, Inflation, high unemployment, can’t prevent people to buy medicine. Seems perfect combination. We try to analyze the competitive advantage of Amgen in the midst of that promising opportunity offered.

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Google Business Model: Answering Universe. Ads

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I It is really easy to describe Google business model or how Google makes money. Google is a company that becomes a verb. You google “best college” for your daughter, “how to surprise girlfriend” on valentine’s day, and “best workout during isolation” to keep you in good shape. Google provides the answer – along with space for ads, The advertiser pays for that space.

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Value Investing 101: Economic Moat, Buffett No. 1 Criterion

Value investing evangelist, Warren Buffett ever revealed his investing secret: “The most important thing [is] trying to find a business with a wide and long-lasting moat around it. Protecting a terrific economic castle with an honest lord in charge of the castle.”

What is economic moat? Could Qualcomm wireless patent classified as economic moat? Disney raise its Disneyland ticket every year and Apple sell iPhone more and more expensive, do they show us economic moat?

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Financial Ratio Analysis: Is ROIC Equal with ROA?

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Charlie Munger has one single – simple, financial ratio for stock market analysis “It’s obvious that if a company generates high returns on capital (ROIC) and reinvests at high returns, it will do well. But this wouldn’t sell books..”. In this article we will discuss:

  1. How ROIC is equal with ROA (Return On Asset)
  2. Why not use ROE (Return on Equity) instead?
  3. In what case ROIC failed?
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