Competitive Advantage of Amgen: Expiring Moat

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With aging Americans with their unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, investors see the pharmaceutical company like Amgen has a great trend ahead. Moreover, things like recession, Inflation, high unemployment, can’t prevent people to buy medicine. Seems perfect combination. We try to analyze the competitive advantage of Amgen in the midst of that promising opportunity offered.

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Competitive Advantage of GE Healthcare

Competitive Advantage of GE Healthcare is something that most investor overlook
Investor often overlook GE Healthcare

The competitive advantage of GE Healthcare could be testified in its long relationship -more than 15 years – with Vizient. Formerly known as Novation LLC, Vizient Inc is one of the largest GE Healthcare clients. This Texas-based company is a giant purchasing organization of medical equipment that represents more than 2,500 hospitals in the US. Its contract with GE Healthcare includes a CT imaging scanner and machine.

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