Is Nvidia Stock a Buy or Sell? Biden, Game, Datacenter.

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Answering the question: Is Nvidia Stock a Buy or Sell? Shortly, we will say that it is “hold”. We even consider adding our holding. Today is a difficult situation for Nvidia due to Biden’s policy to strict further chip export to China. For us, it is a silver lining in the dark cloud. This circumstance offers an attractive price for us to increase our investment in the best chipmaker in the world.

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Analysis of Nvidia Stock 2022: The Money Game

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TL, DR for Analysis of Nvidia stock 2022:

  1. Even under the company’s plan to transform into an AI platform provider, the gaming sector still becomes the backbone of the business.
  2. AI still offers massive opportunities. We have metaverse awaiting along with more AI adoption.
  3. Nvidia’s competitive advantage is solid, especially after the Mellanox acquisition.
  4. The most powerful edge of Nvidia is the connection with another big name, making it the most compatible chip manufacturer in terms of gaming, AI, auto, and design.
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