Competitive Advantage of Amgen: Expiring Moat

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With aging Americans with their unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, investors see the pharmaceutical company like Amgen has a great trend ahead. Moreover, things like recession, Inflation, high unemployment, can’t prevent people to buy medicine. Seems perfect combination. We try to analyze the competitive advantage of Amgen in the midst of that promising opportunity offered.

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Value Investing 101: Economic Moat, Buffett No. 1 Criterion

Value investing evangelist, Warren Buffett ever revealed his investing secret: “The most important thing [is] trying to find a business with a wide and long-lasting moat around it. Protecting a terrific economic castle with an honest lord in charge of the castle.”

What is economic moat? Could Qualcomm wireless patent classified as economic moat? Disney raise its Disneyland ticket every year and Apple sell iPhone more and more expensive, do they show us economic moat?

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Stimulating Growth for Stimulant Maker. Amgen Income Statement Analysis

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Falling Sales of its most lineup, could Amgen keep growing?

Let’s play the intro: we don’t like drug companies, and biopharmaceutical is no exception. Complicated and expensive R&D, patent off, strict regulation, and many other factors potentially inhibit firm growth. Yet, let us try what we find with Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN).

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