Fundamental Analysis: Why Does It Go So Wrong?

Step by step fundamental analysis

Try to check headlines in some of investing media (blog or youtube channel). You will find articles like: “Why Nvidia rise 10% today” or “S&P500 down 5% due to job report.”. Or try to read conversations in the community like Reddit, ” Panasonic is battery stock due to its status as Tesla supplier.” We tell you, this is not fundamental analysis.

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Management Analysis of Amazon: Acquisition

Management Analysis of Amazon: When it becomes too big through acquisition, will it decline like GE?
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In 2021, in the journey of its presence in the streaming business, Amazon snaps up James Bond Maker, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In 2017, General Electric acquires Baker Hughes, the oil company, completing its acquisition in almost every industry possible. We know how it ends. In this article, we try to provide insight into the Management Analysis of Amazon. How good is its acquisition? How does it differ from GE? What similarities?

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Competitive Advantage of GE Healthcare

The competitive Advantage of GE Healthcare is something that most investors overlook
Investors often overlook GE Healthcare

The competitive advantage of GE Healthcare could be testified in its long relationship -more than 15 years – with Vizient. Formerly known as Novation LLC, Vizient Inc is one of the largest GE Healthcare clients. This Texas-based company is a giant purchasing organization of medical equipment that represents more than 2,500 hospitals in the US. Its contract with GE Healthcare includes a CT imaging scanner and machine.

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