November 2021 Investing Insight

November 2021 Investing Insight deals with risk (again), time (again), the Requirement to be number 1 in the US stock market, and How far human emotion left behind its own achievements.
November’s idea comes to our mind

2021 is about recovery. Not only for the stock market but also for mankind. It is when vaccines get global and humans fight coronavirus back. For years, this is the best and maybe the happiest year for us. To see how people survive against the worst. But we won’t discuss it. November 2021 investing insight is a collection of our brainstorming with regard to market and investing. We make it into one article since it is too short to launch in one long post, but it is too precious to hide.

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Disruptive Stock Analysis of Tesla: A Reality Checklist

Tech stocks are dominating the market for more than a decade. This group – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google – share the same characteristics. They dethroned the incumbent, they defined a new business model, They reshaped the industry. In this article, Disruptive Stock Analysis of Tesla, we try to recognize whether the EV maker could reach the same level as the disruptor group.

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Tech Branding Strategy: Temple of Modern God

Tech Branding Strategy is about how the company looks like for a tech company

What is the important element for a browser? Speed, Of course. User Interface? Check. What else? We would say… name. In 2012, Microsoft lost in browser war not only for its sluggish browser but also for its name. Internet Explorer isn’t sexy at all. Firefox is a better name, it reflects speed and energy, like Chrome. The first move of the tech branding strategy isn’t about introducing them to the public. It begins with building the brand, including the name, identity, and characteristics they represent.

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Google’s Competitive Advantage. Business Model.

Mapping Competitive Advantage of Google: Hidden Business Model
Google Business Model

Google’s competitive advantage lies in its unique business model and its hyper-scale access. From our business perspective – it ain’t people who can access Google. It is Google that has access to billions of people. Google offers the third party to its tremendous number of users – the third pay for that access.

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Investing in Growth Stock: Redefining Value

In Moat versus growth investing, companies could be classified into growth categories or moat categories. Investors need to be very careful in this field.
growth versus moat
source: freepik

In 2016, Warren Buffett via Berkshire Hathaway bought Precision Castpart – a company that has soared 20 times in the last 13 years. Its revenue grew four times only in the same period. The Oracle of Omaha believes that due to its economic advantage, Precision Castpart deserves that valuation. Here we try to fix the misconception about value investing. Spoiler alert, value investing doesn’t necessarily invest in cheap companies (low P/E, low PBV). Investing in a growth stock is part of value investing

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