Tech Branding Strategy: Temple of Modern God

Tech Branding Strategy is about how the company looks like for a tech company

What is the important element for a browser? Speed, Of course. User Interface? Check. What else? We would say… name. In 2012, Microsoft lost in browser war not only for its sluggish browser but also for its name. Internet Explorer isn’t sexy at all. Firefox is a better name, it reflects speed and energy, like Chrome. The first move of the tech branding strategy isn’t about introducing them to the public. It begins with building the brand, including the name, identity, and characteristics they represent.

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In This Issue

Why this is important? Because branding helps a company a lot to retain customers. This reinforces the company’s competitive advantage at some level, especially when the target is the mass customers – when perception is more important than function and performance. And this is still true even for a tech company.

Key Takeaway

Doctor Strange of Internet: Google is Obsessed with Order, Pattern, Timeline.

“It is not meant to be conventional, “| Larry Page

We are surprised when we looking for the official financial report for Google. This search brings us to its official homepage, It feels like in another world – something that we can’t explain. We think that it is Google’s strategy to impress us – and it works. As a giant search engine, order and pattern may be something essential for Google.

I remember my first Android, it uses Ice Cream Sandwich. It is “I” after C, D, E, F, G, H. Android OS, which is Google’s, follow the alphabetical order. God works in order and in detail. And by the way, not only obey that order, but the Android OS is also an acronym of foods. In case you are Apple die-hard fanboy, C, D, E, F, G, H are Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb.

After that, we have Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie. This is the end before Google uses a much simpler name, Android 10.

Google seems to be very careful about how it looks or sounds.

And It is not only for its product.

The Power in The Name: Name Choice is One of Tech Branding Strategy

“Never think it as computer company “| Steve Job

Phil Knight, A passionate runner who is obsessed to craft the best running shoe in the world, travels worldwide in search of inspiration. In Louvre Museum, Paris, he saw the statue of the Greek Goddess, Nike. – The Wings of Samothrace, Wing of Victory. Johnson, a colleague, suggests changing the brand’s name of Knight’s shoe.

Short story short, The Blue Ribbon has become Nike, till today.

As you can see, Nike is a much better name, it represents wing, the speed, the Samothrace, the victory, the god, the athlete with superhuman skill. Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Kevin Durant, King James, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Google isn’t its name born. Its original name is Backrub. Man, imagine I say, I will Backrub it for you, it will be so weird. Google’s name itself is derived from the mathematical field, it was googol, a number with 100 zeros. The googol name was proposed by American mathematician Edward Kasner and his nephew Milton Sirotta for that amazing number. Decades later, Sergey Brin and Larry Page misspell it to become Google.

Apple is another tech gang that changes its name.

It was born with the Apple computer. And its image is far from now. Apple operated in the computer industry, competed with IBM and its archrival, Microsoft. In 2007, the year of the birth of the iPhone, Steve Jobs remove the “computer” from the company name – make it much sexier, Apple.

The iWOrld. Apple Tech Branding Strategy.

“iPhone is just a case for iOS “| Steve Job

What inside the ring:




Green Places




Solar cell for Electricity

In 2017, Apple employees begin to work in AirPark (we just name it). A building with a ring concept, like planet Saturn. It is wrapped by more than 3 miles of high-quality curved glass. The hole will be filled with a green area.

The existence of this spaceship-like building is not only about carbon reduction commitment but also about marketing. About delivering messages to the world, this is Apple with all its expertise in design, convenience, and functionality.

A futuristic design of Apple headquarters completes another Apple message to the world. Its ecosystem of devices that synchronize in harmony, its Apple Store, its Operating System. Apple is the representation of the perfection of hardware, software, and the physical world. We don’t think it needs to be explained here since all of the readers must be familiar with it.

And the perfection of Apple not only for its customer. The Cupertino side takes the AAPL as a ticker, why not APPL? which more representative? We believe it is because the double-A will be great and has alphabetical advantages.

Brand, The Story, Profit Margin. The Importance of Tech Branding Strategy

“Man gives a box of See’s Candies to his girl for Valentine’s, The Brand carries meaning as a special gift”| Warren Buffett

Wait, what do all these aesthetic things relate to investing? As we said earlier in this article, it is part of customer retention. If you ever ask why logo, tagline, looks, are important, try to ask Microsoft.

Why not make Windows 11 UI looks like Windows XP? Why does it regularly change the icon for its Windows, Office, and other product?

Or ask Google. Why does it keep improving UI for Android? Why not use the Froyo style instead of developing a new UI.

All because your brand doesn’t sell itself.

Before your customer feels great about your product, it should look great.

Branding is the face of the product. It is the frontline of the economic moat. Branding is the face of great execution, outstanding product. Branding is Dan Reynold for Imagine Dragons.

Moreover, good branding helps a company to thicken its profit margin. Good branding makes your customer pay more than the kind of product. People buy Tesla, not for its car, but for the privilege they feel because it is a piece of the bright future. People buy iPhones,s not for the phone, they buy for the ecosystem, the OS, the seamless integration with other Apple devices – and because it is cool holding iPhone.

When customers feel more, they pay more.

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Final Word

  1. Branding is about how it looks and how it sounds. It is the first contact with the customer. It is about the logo, tagline, color choice, icon, name of the product.
  2. Branding doesn’t solve all the problems, but t solve the first problem. To get the attention of the customer.

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